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Oktahedron is a podcast by Ksenya @j32804 and Dirk Jäckel @dirkjaeckel
We do not endorse any opinions presented here. This is  just a selection of decent posts.
Very detailed overview of The DAO Attack, the exploit, soft fork & hard fork scenarios, including an awesome diagram representing of the architecture of the attack.
As it usually is with mainstream-ish media this article has some degree of approximation. We post it here just to see what the media says.
The Fork Dilemma
We were unsure what to think ourselves, whether to support or oppose the idea of either a soft or a hard fork. First feeling was to oppose the hard fork, as it undermines the idea of the immutability of the block chain. But after researching the topic more we could consider it as a good solution.
Statement in support of soft fork and rather heated discussion whether it will compromise the whole idea of the immutable blockchain:
Gavin’s response to The DAO attack. Both – verbal and practical by releasing a version of the Parity client which can support the fork.
A short post in support of the fork.
P2P foundation post with a slightly different perspective. Very positive, a bit hippie. Blockchains are still better than banks.
Insightful post from the Parity team, no sides really taken, just what can be done. Short an sweet. I might not always agree with posts coming from Parity team, but it usually has good reasoning.
Some points on legal aspects that we decided not to cover ourselves.
Very long, but interesting video, covering The DAO
Useful article on the complexity of using blockchain to encode complex public contracts (written by a lawyer and a blockchain guy)
The DAO Attacker 
A number of “messages from the DAO Attacker” have been popping up here and there on the internetz. Non of them are proven to be coming from a person, nor a team of people who orchestrated the attack.
Ethereum can be considered beta, the DAO was definitely beta. Not even that.
Ethereum Homestead release is beta, according to Vinay Gupta, currently working at Consensys, previously Ethereum Foundation.
The DAO Disclaimer “The use of The DAO’s smart contract code and the Creation of DAO tokens carries significant financial risk, including using experimental software. “

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