OH008 – Printing Money

More show notes soon!

  • Vitalik Buterin on being an advisor for future ICOs:


One thought on “OH008 – Printing Money”

  1. Just a quick comment about myetherwallet:

    It is a static website where you “upload” your encrypted private key into your browser and have to enter a password to decrypt it. When you send a transaction, it is signed in the browser and sent to the network. The walkets/private keys are the same files as those used by ethereum clients.

    The private key never leaves the browser as long as the website is not compromised. Of course, the developers could decide any time to transfer your private key from the browser to the server.

    Also, you can use myetherwallet in a “cold wallet” mode where you have the website stored in a file and use it on an offline computer to sign the transaction and the live website on a second computer. This mode is extremely secure and usable at the same time.

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