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OH007 – Raiden

Augusto from Raiden Network core team, explains Raiden Network: extension to Ethereum which scales-out asset transfer capacity.

Hosted by  Dirk Jaeckel & Ksenya


OH006 – Zcash

In this episode Dirk Jaeckel & Ksenya  discuss zcash with Zooko. Unfortunately, Zooko’s voice was not recorded properly. We are sorry and will prevent this in the future.

Zcash dev wiki https://github.com/zcash/zcash/wiki/specification, a repo https://github.com/zcash/zcash and a user guide https://github.com/zcash/zcash/wiki/1.0-User-Guide

To get your head around zero knowledge proofs and zcash even better we also recommend two episodes recorded by our fellow podcasters Meher & Brian from a different podcast Epicenter: Ep116 with professor Eli Ben-Sasson and Ep122 with Zooko

Here is the paper that we mention “How to explain Zero-Knowledge Protocols to your children

Towards the middle of the podcast we talk about a practical way of making a nice and useful zcash node, which we intend to make IRL and will shortly publish some basic specs for it.

For the latest updates, you can check Oktahedron on Twitter and feel free to ping any questions to  Dirk Jäckel & Ksenya.

OH005 – 33c3


This episode was recorded 2016-12-29 in Hamburg. We had a short chat with Ryan Taylor (@AdjyLeak), zooko (@zooko) and Meredith L Patterson (@maradydd) at 33c3.

In this short episode Zooko tells us a cute story of practical love letters hidden in blockchain transactions, Meredith highlights the importance of compilers in the world and Ryan mentions Alexandria library. It’s a bit of a teaser for the 2017, as some of it we will be covering in detail in 2017 on Oktahedron.

Recorded at Sendecentrum at Chaos Communication Congress with the guests: AdjyLeakMeredith L Patterson, Zooko and that TBA guest with a nice podcasting voice, who spoke very little. Hosted by Dirk Jaeckel  & Ksenya of Oktahedron.

Thanx to Tim Pritlove for recommending Sendecentrum, instead of dragging all our audio equipment all the way to the Congress from Berlin, thanx to Chistopher  who was so patient & helpful, and other guys at Sendecentrum . And a great big thanx to our wonderful sound guy in particular.

OH003 – Swarm

Guest: Viktor Trón (@zeligf)


OH001 – Concorde Effect


In this episode @heckerhut, @dirkjaeckel and @j32804 amongst other things discuss legal stuff in the universe of blockchains. Non of it can be considered legal advice. As an anonymous friend of mine put it: blockchain is a hot new cool thing for borderline legal shenanigans. Is it?

Some time passed after the DAO has goxed. We will need to mention it again, because it raised a lot of legal questions. What has happened since?
We also discuss crowdsales, smart contract which went bonkers (not the DAO one), reference to other podcasts touching on topics of law and regulations (see links below) and making predictions without regard to the possibility of danger involved in it. Here is a selection os links to articles and topics we have mentioned:
Reads on Decentralised Autonomous Organisations selected by our guest Florian Glatz:
Show notes from a previous unpublished (perhaps censored?) recording:
General legal issues related to blockchains:
 We have also mentionned that it might be safer to use other than Turing complete languages for smart contracts, because Turing complete ones are inherently undecidable, which makes it impossible to know what a “smart contract” will do before running it.
Other links:
This year EU Parliament published some stuff on virtual currencies. They are usually little bit behind the curve – while people are discussing the DAOs they are getting their heads around bitcoin. But hopefully EU people will be catching up fast.